We're excited to offer course content that meets the needs of our students and is taught by qualified, experienced professionals. Due to the fast-changing nature of eCommerce and the dynamic schedules and expertise of our presenters and instructors, the exact program content and schedule are subject to change.

The curriculum is tailored for people who have an existing physical product and business. However, we have had quite a few students who do not have either, are just starting out, or currently sell a service. The curriculum will cover several fundamental aspects of owning and running an e-commerce business with an emphasis on marketing and customer acquisition.

Class 1: Cohort Kickoff, Student Introductions, and Brand DNA Workshop
Class 2: Market Research and Brand DNA Workshop Continued
Class 3: Product Innovation and Development, Sourcing and Manufacturing, and Product Packaging
Class 4: Organization, Legal, 3PL, Shipping, and Funding
Class 5: Shopify, CRO, User Experience, SEO, and Email Marketing
Class 6: Inventory, Promotions, Pricing, Discounts, Contests, RMAs, and Amazon
Class 7: Content Creation, Organic Social Media, and Influencer Marketing
Class 8: Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
Class 9: Advertising on Google and YouTube
Class 10: Friendly Pitch Competition, Closing Social, and Guest Speaker

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